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Terms of Use

The service provider of the website (“Website”) is Városliget Ltd. (seat: 1146 Budapest, Dózsa György út 41., registry number: 01-10-047989; “Service Provider”). By visiting the Website, visitors (“Visitors”) agree to the present terms of use.

The laws of Hungary shall govern these terms and the use of the Website. The Website shall be used only in accordance with the effective laws and in a manner respecting the rights of others and the Service Provider.

By publishing the Website, the Services Provider grants free licence to access the Website for an indefinite period of time, subject to the present terms of use. The Service Provider reserves the right to withdraw or change the Website or any part thereof.

The design and all content of the Website (such as designs, plans, photos, videos, graphics and other works) is protected by copyright laws. The Service Provider retains title and all ownership rights to the publication and copy of any part of the Website. It is forbidden to (or sought to) acquire or reverse engineer the source code or database of the Website.

The domain of the Website is the sole property of the Service Provider. The Service Provider reserves all of its rights related to the domain.

Although Service Provider makes its best efforts to keep the Website free of any mistake or incorrect information, it will be not be liable for any upset or damage caused by incorrect information provided. ICPDR is not liable for any error or problem in this service, and does not make any warranty that the Website is free from infection from viruses. Visitors agree to assume all risk related to their use of the Website, including any damage to their device.

The Service Provider is not liable for the content of third party websites accessible through links placed on the Website.

The Service Provider is entitled to replace or amend the terms of use at any time.


Data privacy, cookie information


The Service Provider is not requesting, nor collecting or forwarding personally identifiable information about the Visitors related to the use of the Website.

The Website uses Google Analytics to analyse website traffic. Google Analytics stores cookies (simple, short, small-size text files) on Visitors’ device and uses them for analysing traffic at the Website. Such data (along with the time of visits and the IP address of Visitors) stored in cookies are transferred to, and stored on, the servers of Google. By using the Website, Visitors agree to the processing and storing of the data related to the use of the Website.

The use of cookies can be blocked by appropriately adjusting the Visitors’ browser's settings; this, however, certain functions may be used partially or with errors.



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