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House of Hungarian Music

Functioning as a vibrant community space, with its musical education workshops, concerts and exhibitions the House of Hungarian Music is planned to be one of the prominent meeting places of the Hungarian music scene. The virtually transparent, environmentally-friendly building designed by Sou Fujimoto seeks to create a harmonious transition between the natural and built environment.

Music is perhaps the area of culture in which Hungary contributed the greatest artists to the world. Speaking in the universal language of music many Hungarians – including Liszt, Bartók and Kodály – have been able to say something apt to excite worldwide interest. Until now, there was no institution presenting the comprehensive heritage of Hungarian music.

In a modern museum and concert facility, the House of Hungarian Music will introduce visitors to the history of music from the evolution of the human voice to contemporary, modern musical trends, focusing on Hungarian music and its rich history.

Envisioned as a vibrant social venue, the House of Hungarian Music will be a signature meeting place of the Hungarian music scene with its concert halls, instruction rooms, open-air stage, music education workshops, concerts, exhibitions and a broad range of opportunities for learning by playing. Thanks to its diverse and wealthy selection of programmes that will be worthy of Hungary’s musical past and present, as well as its outstanding personalities, the new institution will be an important forum celebrating the greatness of music. The institution will aspire to fulfil its mission through its permanent music history exhibition, a colourful range of temporary shows tuned in to the many notes of musical art, as well as dance houses and a wide array of events throughout the year. A so-called ‘sound exhibition’ will also be hosted here to let visitors tap into the magic of composing music. This musical ‘palace of wonders’ utilising special installations and technical solutions will help visitors to experience the birth of musical harmony and the physiology of sound perception.

The House of Hungarian Music will be built in the inner area of the City Park, by the Városliget Lake, in the vicinity of Vajdahunyad Castle and the ice rink, on the site that used to be occupied by the Hungexpo Offices, an eyesore for many decades that was demolished after being unused for a long period. The design for the special building was made by the Japanese star architect, Sou Fujimoto. The virtually completely translucent, extravagant and environmentally friendly structure is specifically aimed at functioning as a harmonious transition between the natural and the built environment. The side walls will be made of special glass, creating a feeling of openness, as if one was walking in the open air. The design includes many modern and green solutions, especially in the areas of ventilation, and the use of rain water and electricity.

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