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Hungarian Transport Museum

One of Budapest's most popular museums, the Transport Museum, will be fundamentally renewed. The original designs made in 1896 by Ferenc Pfaff have been revisited by Mérték Architectural Studio. The museum's iconic dome will be assigned a new function: it will offer an unprecedented panorama over the renewed Városliget as a viewing tower.

Besides the construction of new buildings, Városliget will also be enriched by renewed buildings housing the already existing institutions. Hence, Budapest’s most popular museum, the Transport Museum, will also be fundamentally rejuvenated in a building with double the floor space than before.

An impressive exhibition devoted to the history of vehicles and technology will illustrate the development of Hungarian transport using a complex approach that will include the social and economic aspects of this process.

The enlarged exhibition will show how transport impacted society, and will present the circumstances that inspired technological innovations. Visitors will have a truly exciting experience in the revamped Museum of Transport, where not only the exhibits but the stories will be in focus: the innovations of the transport of times gone by will be presented using contemporary, visually enticing solutions.

The Hall of Transport, built for the country’s millennial anniversary, became the home of the Hungarian Royal Museum of Transport, which was established in 1899 as one of the continent’s first exhibition venues with such a theme.

The reconstruction plan made by Mérték Architectural Studio revisits the original design.

The museum will be restored to its old glory, while the areas holding the collections, as well as the exhibition and service areas will also be modernised to meet the requirements of the 21st century.

The iconic dome of the original design will be built and assigned a new function: thanks to the special architectural solutions, it will offer an unprecedented panorama over the renewed Városliget as a viewing tower. Thus, by the end of the decade, a beautifully rebuilt, modern museum with its interiors catering to 21st-century needs will welcome the public.

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