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Városliget Theatre

After more than 60 years there will again be a theatre in Városliget. The institution will be rebuilt based on the original designs of the old Secessionist building and will operate in a modern technical environment. It will await visitors with a wide range of children's and youth productions.

After more than 60 years, Városliget will have its own theatre again. In the past, a theatre contributed to the park’s institutional diversity just as much as its Zoo and museums.

The popular old Városliget Theatre used to operate in an edifice with a wooden structure from the 1870s and in a Secessionist building from 1909 before it was demolished in 1951, when Felvonulási Square was built.

Now the theatre is returning to Városliget rebuilt according to the designs of the old Secessionist building but operating in a modern environment.

The new location will be in the southern part of Ötvenhatosok Square facing Ajtósi Dürer Street, which is currently occupied by a car parking area. The old-new Városliget Theatre will house children’s and youth productions.

The institution is envisioned to be more than a theatre: its exterior will evoke the old building, while its interior will be equipped with the most modern stage technology: it will be a real “house for children” attracting families with a wide range of events and providing an environment where everyone can make themselves at home.

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