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Páva (Peacock) Island and playgrounds

The re-building of Páva Island with playgrounds and an events area will expand the number of facilities suitable for active leisure time. The already existing playgrounds of the Városliget will also be renewed and will await families with special, innovative equipment and accessible solutions.

Regarding the islands in Városliget (Páva (Nádor) Island and Széchenyi Island), the most important plan is to build a new branch to replace the filled-in branch of the canal that used to surround Nádor Island (now only a peninsula).

Thus, the original landscaping composition will be restored: the old-new Páva Island will be reconstructed as an autonomous, family-friendly island with playgrounds built for various age groups, an events area, and a direct connection with the waterside along its entire perimeter.

The island to be built will be accessible on new foot bridges.

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