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Rose Garden

Expected to be the most colourful and fragrant part of the renewed Városliget, the Rose Garden will provide a place for recreation with its 5,000 rose-trees and many evergreens.

The Rose Garden will probably be the most colourful and fragrant part of the renewed Városliget. The 5,000 rose-trees will help visitors find peace and relaxation on the north side of the Olof Palme House, in the park by Zichy Mihály Road.

The individual elements of the landscape design are matched with the various buildings in this part of the park, thus the Rose Garden will function as a kind of front garden leading up to the Olof Palme House.

The area will be augmented by benches and colourful plant designs, ensuring a tranquil environment for all with flowers, fountains and places ideal for talking and spending a peaceful time.

The 2,500-square-metre Rose Garden with its numerous flower beds will be on a site clearly separate from the rest of the Városliget but it will be accessible and open to all. The roses will be complemented by other plants: evergreens and mille-fleur flower beds.

The Rose Garden will be a perfect place for relaxation and meetings for all age groups, and will also provide a beautiful background for wedding photos.

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