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Sports facilities

From the very beginning, Városliget has inspired and welcomed sports enthusiasts. An ice rink, running races, streetball, and basketball: many people still come to the park for these things.

After the park’s rejuvenation, the public spaces used for active leisure time will be more suitable and of a better quality.

The new, user-friendly, safe and modern equipment will provide opportunities for daily exercise.

The park’s southern and south-eastern part might well become the most frequented hub of sports activities in the future: the circular, illuminated running track will be built here, and ball sports grounds will be available for all age groups along with public open-air workout machines already popular in other parts of the city.

Thanks to the vicinity of the playground, every member of the family will be able to find something to do on this more sporty area of the renewed Városliget.

Ball game fans will be able to choose from various facilities, since the working drawings suggest that more of these will be built than originally planned. Ideal conditions and conveniences, including changing rooms, showers and drinking fountains will help make sports activities truly relaxing and enjoyable.

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