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You have arrived!

The most important rule: enjoy being here! Have a nice sit down and enjoy the natural surroundings, cycle along the car-free paths, walk and play with your dog or lie down in the grass and sunbathe on the Main Field with your friends!

Arriving by bicycle:

We wish you a safe ride! If you have any problems with your bike, please look for the service point on Állatkert Boulevard next to the Pavilion Garden.

If you haven't come here by bicycle but fancy a bit of cycling, you can find several MOL Bubi bike-sharing stations in the park.

Arriving with a dog:

You can let your dog off the lead across the entire territory of the park. However, it is best to keep your dog on a lead when near the playground and construction areas, as well as when walking along the main traffic routes.

You can enjoy playing together at the Dog Fun Park next to Hermina Road, where you will find a wide range of agility games and a paddle pool.

Please take care of the flowerbeds found throughout the Liget area. Always pick up your dog's waste and dispose of it in the bins provided.

Arriving with children:

The Main Playground at the Liget is now open, where you can enjoy a 13,000 m2 space designed for children of all ages. We have implemented special signs and different colours to help you find your way and ensure everyone can find the play equipment that's right for them that they can enjoy using in a safe manner. You can visit free of charge from 8.30 am to dusk.

The pop-up playground at the foot of Király Hill is also still open. There you can play in the sandpit and on the swings and climb while enjoying the shade provided by the trees and sun sails.

Don't forget the play equipment next to Állatkert Boulevard either!

With the pétanque terrain next to Állatkert Boulevard, you can also try your hand at a new and exciting game. A set of balls can be hired from the Pavillion Garden, which is found adjacent to the pétanque playing area.

At the youth sports facilities you can also enjoy a family game of football, basketball and handball on the courts provided. Please bring any equipment you might need along with you.

We pay particularly special care to child safety in the areas near the construction sites. Kindly do the same!

For people who want to do sport:

The youth sports facilities can be used free of charge. There are two small-sided football pitches, where you can also play basketball or handball.

You can also use the outdoor gym equipment next to the pitches to warm up or work on your body strength.

Please bear in mind that schoolchildren have priority during school hours. Kindly let them have use of the facilities at this time.

You can run wherever you want in the park, but – because the renovation of Városliget is still ongoing – please take extra special care when running near any of the construction sites!

You can find a special running track around the youth sports facilities, where you can also practice sprinting on a short straight section of the 200m-long track.

You will find table tennis facilities in the park. You can bring along your own equipment or also bring a shuttlecock and play badminton on the Great Field.

With the pétanque terrain next to Állatkert Boulevard, you can also try your hand at a new and exciting game. A set of balls can be hired from the Pavillion Garden, which is found adjacent to the pétanque playing area.


Arriving for an event:

Városliget's traditional focal point is the outdoor events. You can find out more information about these events on our website. If you are attending an event, please ensure you take good care of your surroundings and encourage others to do the same.

For, all visitors to the park:

Városliget's plant-life is currently in the process of being renewed. Please don't forget that there are countless plant and animals species living in the park. It is in our common interest and our shared responsibility to look after them. Enjoy yourselves, switch off and relax during your time in the park. Please make sure that the beauty of the park can be appreciated and enjoyed by those who come after you. We do all we can to make this possible, which is why we operate selective waste collection, have installed separated waste bins, carefully look after the plant-life and have implemented a range of solutions to help harmonise the coexistence of the plant-life, animals and visitors.

We are here for your convenience:

Drinking fountains, washbasins, catering facilities, rest areas and Bubi bike-sharing stations are all on hand for the convenience of visitors to the park. Please check the map on our website to find out their exact location. To make things even simpler, we have also implemented QR code solutions. Search for the QR codes and join the Liget Club members for easy access to the latest information, discounts and news.