Visit City Park You have arrived!

You have arrived!

The most important rule: enjoy being here! Sit down and enjoy nature, cycle on the car-free roads, walk and play with your dog, lie on the grass and sunbathe on the Big Field with your friends!

For people arriving by bike

We wish you accident-free cycling! In the park you will meet athletes, children, walkers and even pets and other creatures. Please choose your speed so that you can always stop if you accidentally pass someone. If you're not cycling but would like to change trains, you can do so, as there are MOL Bubi stations in several locations throughout the Liget.
Cycling in the City Park

For people arriving with a dog

In the City Park, parks operator does not oblige dogs to use a leash, but we recommend the following. There are three areas of the park that are specifically designed for dogs: two dog adventure parks near the intersection of Dürer row-Stefánia road in Ajtósi and one on Hermina road. There are also parts of the park where dogs are not allowed, including the Main Playground, the Városliget Running Circle track, the botanical garden and the sports fields. Please take care of the planted flowers throughout the Liget, always pick up any droppings and dispose of them in the designated bins. We also want to promote peaceful coexistence through the Liget Dog Code, which has been drawn up with the help of experts on dog walking in the Liget. This specific code of conduct has been drawn up in accordance with everyday life, established customary law, legislation and the needs of park users. Aimed at owners and non-dog owners alike, it will help you find your way around if you run into any dog-related problems in the Liget or just have questions on the subject. You can also read the League Dog Code here.
In the City Park with your dog

For people arriving with children

The Main Playground offers 13,000 square metres of space for children of all ages. We use signs and colours to help you find your way around, so that everyone can find the game that suits them best, and use it happily and safely. We welcome you every day from 8.30am to dusk in the area. The playground at the foot of the Királyydomb is still open, where you can play in the shade of trees and sun sails, play in the sand, swing and climb on the swings. And don't forget the musical playground next to the House of Music and the playground equipment along the Zoo Boulevard. And at the Városliget Sports Centre and the Youth Sports Grounds, you can play family games on the football, basketball and handball pitches! You can also change and warm up here, and use the small and large floodlit running circuits with the kids. Of course, you'll also find toilets with changing facilities at the Main Playground, the Sports Centre and the Youth Sports Fields. After a quick registration they are free of charge.

I want to play sports!

Test yourself at more than a dozen sports at the Városliget Sports Center! You can use the basketball and streetball, football, volleyball, badminton and foot tennis courts for free. The teq, chess and ping-pong tables can be enjoyed by lovers of double sports, and the pump track and the skateboard pool by bikers and skateboarders. In addition, the outdoor fitness equipment and the climbing wall can also be used free of charge. It is also possible to reserve courts: the artificial grass football field called "Városliget Miniarena" and the Basketball Miniarena are popular places for amateur and professional soccer and basketball players. The Youth Sports Ground can be used free of charge, where you can play soccer, basketball or handball on 2 fields. You can warm up or strengthen on the outdoor fitness equipment next to the tracks, and you can also practice sprinting on the 200-meter record track. Please note that school students have priority during school hours, please hand over the track in such cases. You can learn about and practice this simple ball game that brings the whole family together on the Petanque court next to the Zoo boulevard. The set of balls can be borrowed in the Pavilions next to the course during opening hours. You can run freely anywhere in the Park!

For people coming to an event

City Park is a traditional destination for outdoor events, which you can find out more about on our website. If you are coming to an event, please take care of the environment and encourage others to do the same.
City Park programmes

To all park users

The City Park's vegetation is being renewed. Remember that City Park is home to many species of animals and plants, which we have a common interest and responsibility to protect. Enjoy yourself, relax and recharge in the Park and contribute to ensuring that the beauty of the park can be appreciated and enjoyed by those who come after you. We do our best to make this happen, with selective waste collection, dog waste bins, good plant care and clever ways to help flora, fauna and visitors live together in harmony.

We serve your convenience

Visitors to the park can enjoy the comfort of the drinking fountains, toilets, catering facilities and rest areas, while those arriving by car can park in the Museum's Underground Parking. You can find out where they are on the map on this page. Liget+ The best way to use the services of the City Park is to become a Liget+ member. Join the Liget+ community and get free toilet and Wifi use and a 10% discount at many of our gastronomic points!
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