Liget Budapest Gift Card

The perfect experience gift for fans of culture, adventure and sport.

If you are looking for a gift, but you’re not sure what the happiest present might be, then just opt for the Liget Budapest Gift Voucher. The recipient can freely use it to suit their interests: for special experiences, sport and even for parking.

Recommended for those who appreciate culture 

You can use it to discover the wonders of the House of Music Hungary: 

  • Exciting concerts in the House of Music, which is Hungary’s most internationally accoladed masterpiece of contemporary architecture  
  • A unique, interactive permanent exhibition guiding you through the history of music 
  • The large-scale temporary exhibition Divas arriving directly from London, organised by the world’s largest museum of applied arts and design, the Victoria and Albert Museum 
  • Sound dome projections, exploring the universe of sounds, and as such much like a planetarium 
  • The creative sound space with eight large-scale, custom-designed sound-making installations 


Exhibitions in the Museum of Fine Arts  

The Museum of Fine Arts is the venue for unique, internationally acclaimed exhibitions, such as those presenting the oeuvres of Renoir, El Greco, and Csontváry. In addition, its Romanesque Hall, previously closed and used as a warehouse for seventy years, has been reopened to visitors and is now one of the most impressive, beautiful and representative spaces of the Museum of Fine Arts. 


Art Nouveau and Zsolnay treasures in the ResoArt Villa 

Visitors can marvel at the most beautiful pieces of the Zsolnay collection, not yet known by the general public, in one of Budapest’s most beautiful Art Nouveau villas.  

Recommended for those interested in the attractions of the park 

BalloonFly experience ballooning 

This red-and-white striped helium gas-filled balloon anchored to the ground is a cheerful viewing point in the City Park and a new symbol of Budapest. It was inspired by Pál Szinyei Merse’s painting The Balloon and, in clear weather, it enables visitors to admire the panorama of Budapest and its environs from a height of 150 metres. 


Other cultural events for which the Liget Budapest Gift Card can be redeemed: 

  • Events and exhibitions in the Hungarian National Gallery 
  • Events and exhibitions in the House of the Hungarian Millennium | NEO Contemporary Art Space 
  • Events and exhibitions in the Museum of Ethnography (coming soon)   
  • Events and exhibitions in the Star Fortress in Komárom (coming soon) 
  • Events and exhibitions in the Ferenc Hopp Museum of Asiatic Arts  
  • Events and exhibitions at the ArtHUB | Hungarian Art & Business 
  • Liget guided walks acquainting visitors with the history of the City Park as well as the Liget Budapest developments and its award-winning buildings.   

Recommended for the more sporty types 

The Liget Budapest Gift Card is also a good option for the more sporty types as it can be redeemed to purchase a Liget+ Sport membership, with which you can use the changing rooms of the Városliget Sports Centre, and you can book the Városliget Mini Arena artificial turf football field and the Basketball Mini Arena basketball court at a 50% discount. 

Recommended for road users 

The voucher is also very useful if you wish to make it easier for somebody to park as it can be used to purchase a Liget+ Mobility membership, which makes parking in the Museum Underground Parking facility even easier and at an even more affordable price.