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House of Music Hungary

A unique contemporary building that blends into the greenery of the park, while the music flows from it

A unique contemporary building that blends into the greenery of the park, while the music flows from it

Since its opening, the House of Music Hungary has been among Hungarian buildings with the most social media posts, appearing in countless photos and videos. It is also a must-see destination in guide books and travel brochures as well as a fixture in headlines both in Hungary and abroad. What is the secret of this building? It’s almost impossible to say or describe as everyone has to experience it for themselves, so we’re encouraging you to come to the City Park and discover it first hand. It must be pointed out that all the new buildings implemented as part of the Liget Budapest Project, including the House of Music Hungary, can be explored freely and free of charge; you only need to buy tickets for concerts and exhibitions.

Love at first sight

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From whatever direction you approach the House of Music Hungary, you will recognise it immediately. It offers a unique sight with its playfully undulating roof, which, thanks to its monumental glass walls, floats elegantly among the canopy of trees. People have compared it to a mushroom, a pancake or cheese, but some have even reported UFO sightings here. Reality is no less exciting: the waving design of the roof was inspired by the vibration of sound, and its surface is pierced by exactly 100 (we counted them!) uniquely shaped holes. Some are round, some more angular, and they vary in size. They are not only decorative features but have an important function: to allow natural light to flow into the building. That is how they came to be called ‘light wells’ – some even channel light into the lowest level of the exhibition space.

Park level

When you enter the building, you can’t miss the golden ceiling with a leafy design. Blending in with the ‘invisible’ glass walls, this unique solution creates the illusion as if you were still walking underneath the dense canopy of trees with golden light sifting through the leaves. As if people had set up camp here, in this atmospheric corner of the Liget. The park level is a wonderful place, where you can sit down and relax, experience and absorb the ambiance of the house, its positive energy, and the interplay between nature and the built-up environment.
Concert hall Concert hall
Café Café
Outdoor stage Outdoor stage
Music Playground Music Playground
Trilla bistro Trilla bistro
Shop Shop
Lecture hall Lecture hall
1  The amazing spiral staircase
A true work of art, which will captivate art lovers and fans of technical wonders alike.
2  Pyramid of rest
Turning right at the entrance, you will see a large, stepped wall section that you can climb with your laptop if you want to impress the participants of your online meetings with a special location; don’t forget that you can use the Wi-Fi for free if you have Liget+ membership.
The amazing spiral staircasePyramid of rest

Space of magic

Coming down the spiral staircase, you will arrive in the Space of Magic, with huge underground exhibition areas with fabulous displays and special, auditory and visual attractions.

Sound dome

The coolest audiovisual experience in all of Budapest. This is a planetarium of sounds. Just imagine sitting in a huge dome with a 360-degree projection around you and music coming from 30 speakers behind it. It will blow your mind.

Permanent exhibition

Hungary’s first comprehensive exhibition on music history, where you can learn about the milestones in the history of European music, especially those related to Hungary. You can travel through time with a pair of special headphones that activate interactive experiences at certain points of your journey. This is an “I must tell my friends” kind of experience, and we guarantee you will want to return here again and again.

Temporary exhibition

Our first temporary exhibition “The song was written for us” presents the pop music of the decades before the change in the political system and its social implications through eight different themes.

Creative Sound Space

A ‘palace of musical wonders’, where you can try out eight large-scale, custom-designed interactive sound-generating installations. It is no secret: we want to inspire you and encourage you to make music through your personal experiences in this special space.

Magyar Zene Háza Varázstér
Magyar Zene Háza Hangdóm
Magyar Zene Háza Állandó Kiállítás
Magyar Zene Háza  Időszakos Kiállítás
Magyar Zene Háza Kreatív Hangtér

First floor


Quite definitely the most atmospheric café in the City Park, within arm’s reach of the foliage. We didn’t forget about the cakes!


In the cap of the mushroom – second floor

The spaces of music education, the multimedia library and club are on the top floor of the building, in the ‘cap of the mushroom’.

Music education spaces

Our workshops are designed to strengthen the connection between visitors and music through showing its diversity, while encouraging personal experiences and the discovery of novelties.

Multimedia Library & Club

You can discover the complete history of Hungarian pop music. The library holdings cover all the relevant trends in beat/pop/rock (from traditional dance music to hard rock, from underground to mainstream pop), and – planned in the long term – the most important documents of the history of the Hungarian blues, jazz and folk/world music scene.
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Awards of the House of Music Hungary

Awards of the House of Music Hungary

  • International Property Awards – Best International Public Service Architecture, 2019 
  • Music Cities Awards – Best Use of Music in Property Development/Real Estate, 2020
  • CNN – one of the top ten most anticipated buildings of the year, 2021
  • Portfolio Property Awards – Special Prize, 2022
  • Time Out Magazine – best new things to do in the world in 2022
  • MIPIM Awards – Grand Jury Prize, 2022
  • German Design Council - Iconic Award, 2022
  • World Travel Awards - Europe's Leading New Tourist Attraction, 2022
  • Architecture Masterprize - Architectural Design of the Year, 2022
  • Szállá – Tourist Attraction of the Year, 2022
  • Közmédia – Man of the Year: Sou Fujimoto, 2022
  • Construction Industry Awards – cultural public building, building engineering and steel structure categories, 2022
  • Hungarian Association of Building Sciences and Hungarian Building Engineering Coordination Association – Building Engineering Award, 2022 
  • Portfolio Property Awards special prize, 2022
  • Public Acquisition Award, Building Investment category winner, 2022
  • Time Magazine - World's Greatest Places, 2023 
  • Architectural Digest Magazine – WoW list, 2023
  • Indigo Design Award - Gold Winner in Wayfinding for Graphic Design, 2023
  • Hungarian Association of Building Insulators, Roofers, Tinsmiths and Carpenters – Golden Brush trophy (Roofing category), 2023
  • Hungarian Association of Building Insulators, Roofers, Tinsmiths and Carpenters – Golden Brush trophy (Building Structure category), 2023
  • Hungarian Association of Building Insulators, Roofers, Tinsmiths and Carpenters – Roof of the Year main prize, 2023
  • International Federation of the Roofing Trade - IFD Award Gold Medal (Flat Roof section), 2023 
  • Association of Hungarian Architects – Pál Csonka Award: Sou Fujimoto, architect; Balázs Puskás structural engineer; Bence Varga, architect, 2023
  • International Project Management Association – Global Individual Award, Gold Winner, Attila Pém, project manager of the House of Music Hungary, 2023