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Rosalia wine festival in Városliget

07.02. - 07.04.

The number 01 summer wine festival of Budapest since 10 years

We started in 2012, years have been passing by quickly, and here we are now in 2021, watching our beloved event grow almost adolescent. A lot happened in the last decade: an early audience of a thousand people swelled to thirty thousand; we moved from the right bank of the Danube to the left, into City Park Budapest; the number of exhibitors and programs multiplied. But the story is by far not over yet. We have a new sponsor, SPAR Hungary; the festival will have its own rosé wine, available across the country; and there are some other birthday surprises in the pipeline as well. We look at the past with heart-warming nostalgia, we adore the present, and we see the future in as pink as possible! City Park, here we come again!

Please note that according to the 484/2020. (XI. 10.) and 271/2021. (V. 21.) decrees of the Hungarian government Rosalia may only be visited by persons protected against the coronavirus, and we are obliged to refuse and prevent the entry of those who do not provide credible proof of their protection against the coronavirus. Protection can be demonstrated:

- by presenting a valid Hungarian protection card together with an identity document

- by presenting a foreign valid protection certificate that the Hungarian government recognizes, with the simultaneous presentation of an identity document

Admission is subject to the purchase of a glass ticket. If your glass is lost or damaged, you can buy a new one at the glass sales stands. The purchase of a glass ticket does not include free tasting (except for pre-purchase tickets which include 1 tasting voucher), drinks and food must be paid for at the exhibitors, but the use of washrooms and all concerts, professional and entertainment programs are for free.

Pre-purchase ticket sales coming up soon!

Opening hours:

Friday, July 2: 14:00 - 24:00

Saturday, July 3: 11:00 - 24:00

Sunday, July 4:11:00 - 22:00

Cashiers close one hour before the end of the event every day!

2021. 07.02. - 07.04.
tickets are available

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