Birding trail

Thanks to the cooperation of the Liget Budapest Project and BirdLife Hungary, the Birding Trail in Városliget has been completed. The educational trail in the vicinity of King's Hill and the Main Playground presents the diverse bird population of Városliget through 10 stations.

Natural and semi-natural habitats of Budapest represent priceless natural heritage and are also of great value at european level. The diversity of urban wildlife is represented by a very high number of bird species that makes up to 66 % of the total hungarian avifauna, more than 270 bird species have been observed in Budapest so far, which is a very significant data amongst other european metropolises.

Deciduous trees and scrubs assure foraging opportunities for the local breeding, migrating and wintering bird species all year round. This nourishment of the park is so attractive for such temporarily staging birds able to overcome their fears for human beings. The diversity of urban wildlife can be really more prosperous in the spring and autumn migrating periods than in the adjacent surrounding natural woodlands and green areas.

Birding trail building image