Main Playground

Naturally, the designers also took older children into consideration: in addition to the Main Playground, there will also be a Terrain Play Area featuring a boulder wall, skateboard course, climbing wall and areas for riding rollers, roller-blading and an area for tricycles for smaller visitors. The area will be enclosed and screened off in a semicircular shape, with the area's shape utilised to identify the various play zones. A secluded area (in the Bay) will house a pump track course as well, where BMX cyclists can practice on an excitingly laid-out track.

The Main Playground will also have child-friendly public toilets, including separate spaces suitable for changing nappies and breastfeeding. When the work is complete, the green space in this part of the park will be completely renewed, with the plant life rehabilitated and new trees native to the Liget planted.

Main Playground building image
Completed, opened
13 000
Garten Studio
Ár-La Magyarország Kft.

from 08:30 till darkening

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