The Promenade of the City Park, starting from Heroes' Square, through the Museum of Ethnography and up to the Museum Underground Parking, turned the former basalt-cube car park, which used to accommodate thousands of parking cars, into a charming boulevard. Modern street furniture and more than 10,000 square metres of new green space have been added to the promenade, which also features a music fountain in the central part facing Dürer Row in Ajtósi, where visitors can enjoy a spectacular light concert on a regular basis.

In the area above the Museum Underground Paking, a new promenade has been created on the site of the former basalt-cube car park, the Promenade of the City Park, with a central relaxation zone featuring atmospheric evening lighting and modern seating combinations. In the newly renovated area between Museum of Ethnograpy and the upcoming Városliget Theatre on the corner of Dózsa György út and Dürer avenue, we have created more than 10,000 square metres of new green space, with more than 100 deciduous trees, 4,000 shrubs and around 40,000 flower bulbs and perennials. On the border between the elegant promenade and the park, a 600 m² seating area with seating furniture awaits visitors.

Green instead of parking

The first section of the Promenade, above the Museum Underground Parking was opened to the public in December 2020, and with the completion of the second section - between the Museum of Ethnography and the Kunsthalle - in 2022, the Promenade was tranformed to a cosy avenue in its entire length, with comfortable street furniture and evening lighting. T3,500 square metres of new green space and 34 deciduous trees and more than 15,000 perennials, shrubs and bulbs have been planted.

The wide Promenade forms a transition between the historic part of the park and the built fabric of the city. In contrast to the curved, soft landscape elements, it has been given a characterful, modern, straight line, emphasising its function as a primary connecting promenade. The modern is complemented by a modern fountain and outdoor benches made of ultra-light concrete with a unique, angular, clean design, which offer visitors a chance to relax while walking. The six-metre wide elegant promenade functions as a communal space where visitors can relax, chat, read or even work on their laptops.


A special "Chopin-Liszt music bench" on the Promenade

In March 2023, the City Park promenade was enriched with a special attraction, a "musical smart bench". The Chopin-Liszt music bench is located in the area opposite the Museum's Underground Car Park and promenade overpass B. The smart bench will play works by Fryderyk Chopin and Ferenc Liszt performed by renowned Hungarian pianist Gábor Farkas, charge smart devices, measure temperature, UV levels, air quality, humidity and air pressure, provide wifi access and also function as a charging station using solar panels to promote sustainability. With its large size and free wifi service, the SmartPad is a community organiser and will be a popular innovative element of the popular Vársoligeti promenade, part of the Liget Budapest Project.

The music by Fryderyk Chopin and Ferenc Liszt was commissioned by the Polish Institute in Budapest, in the spirit of Polish-Hungarian friendship and cultural cooperation. Developed by KUUBE Hungary Kft., a Hungarian start-up in the field of smart street furniture, the bench plays the works of the two composers performed by the renowned Hungarian pianist Gábor Farkas.

Using a touchscreen, you can listen to the following music performed by Gábor Farkas:

  • Liszt Ferenc: Ave Maria (Die Glocken von Rom) É-dúr, S. 182 
  • Fryderyk Chopin: g-moll ballade Op. 23, No. 1. 
  • Fryderyk Chopin: Fantaisie impromptu Op. 66 
  • Liszt Ferenc: XII. Hungarian Rhapsody
  • Fryderyk Chopin: cis-moll mazurka Op. 50, No.3.

The 8-seat, high-quality audio player with two USB ports and two wireless chargers provides unlimited 4G WiFi access within a 20-metre range. Powered by batteries charged by solar panels, it also monitors UV levels, air quality, humidity, temperature and barometric pressure.

The SmartPad on the promenade of the City Park combines innovative technology and sustainability, which is why the Hungarian startup (KUUBE Hungary Kft.) that produced the SmartPad turned to high-quality materials and solar energy for its smart furniture.

The smartpad collects solar energy on previously unused surfaces, and the digital services are perfectly integrated into public spaces. On the street furniture, visitors can charge their smart devices (USB or wireless), listen to music thanks to the large display and built-in speakers, or surf the internet using unlimited free wifi.

Promenade building image