Városliget Running Circle

During the planning period of the Városliget Running Circle, the organizations representing the thousends of Budapest runners were constantly consulting in order to design the layout and surface of the track according to the needs of the athletes. Thanks to all this, the high-quality, 2-kilometer-long tartan-surfaced running track -  which protects the joints - , is illuminated along its entire length. Warm-up areas have been installed at the entry points of the track, and a number of drinking fountains has been placed in order to provide refreshments along the trail. Thanks to the simple and safe design of the Running Circle, it is suitable for adults and children, beginners and professionals alike.

The comfort of the athletes is served by the women's, men's and disabled locker rooms of the Városliget Sports Center, which can be used 0 to 24 hours by joining the Liget+ community..

Városliget Running Circle building image