Liget Budapest Látogatóközpont

Liget Budapest Visitor Centre  - Closed (temporarily)

All information about the renewed City Park can be found here

Opened in the wing of the Museum of Ethnography on the Heroes’ Square side, the Liget Budapest Visitor Centre is a convenient starting point for visitors providing all the necessary information about the renewed City Park in one place. In the large entrance area on the ground floor, you can find our staff at the Liget Budapest info desk, who will give you information about the City Park – venues, things to see and events available on the given day – while details about the events of the various institutions in the Liget are displayed on large screens. You can find an impressive mock-up providing an overview of the Liget Budapest Project with information about all the completed developments as well as those in the planning stage. More information can be read on the installed iPads, while snapshots and data showing the important milestones of the renewal of the City Park are projected onto the wall behind the mock-up.
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Time travel on the giant mock-up - augmented reality

A prominent attraction of the Visitor Centre is the huge (55 square metres!) mock-up with over 6,000 buildings evoking turn-of-the-century Budapest. As part of the exhibition titled Golden Age of Budapest, visitors are invited to embark on a spectacular and interactive journey back in time through the capital’s most vibrant and successful historical period. Indeed, much of Budapest, one of the most beautiful and once most prosperous capitals in Europe, was built during this ‘Golden Age’, between 1867 and 1914. You can explore this era with smart AR telescopes operated by tablets.
Did you know?
The turn-of-the-century mock-up of Budapest is the second largest model table in Europe.

42 architects worked on this huge mock-up to faithfully evoke life in the capital at the turn of the century to the minutest detail.


Researchers and designers spent 7,000 hours working on the buildings and stories of the board.

4 years

Researchers and designers spent 7,000 hours working on the buildings and stories of the board.

3.5 tonnes

The model weighs over 3.5 tonnes.

3D printer

The buildings were 3D printed based on original photos, drawings and blueprints.  Each building was printed separately. In order to make sure that every building was in the right location, each one was ascribed a unique identification number that corresponded with the streets and house numbers of the time. During the construction of the model each building could thus be placed in the correct location.

6.398 buildings
8.028 trees
4 bridges

It contains 6,398 buildings, four bridges and 8,028 trees.


The two 3D printers were used for 3,442 hours, or almost 86 weeks to print residential homes, palaces, churches, sports, health and cultural facilities of the capital at the turn of the century.

At the Visitor Centre you can also relax before or after a walk in the City Park, you can refresh yourself or charge your batteries in the restaurant.

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