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Pannon park - Biodome

The large-scale enlargement of the Budapest Zoo includes the building of a new garden section called Pannon Park, which will evoke the flora and fauna of the Carpathian Basin with a biodome serving as its central element. The biodome designed by Mérték Építészeti Stúdió Kft. will resemble a grassy slope on the outside thanks to the green vegetation that will cover its exterior, while its interior will await visitors with lush flora and diverse fauna.

The Liget Budapest Project also includes the large-scale enlargement of the Budapest Zoo: a new garden section called Pannon Park, will be built to evoke the flora and fauna of the Carpathian Basin by taking visitors back to the relatively recent past of geohistory, when our region was far warmer and was inhabited by species that can now be found in the tropical and subtropical areas of the world.

The central facility of the Pannon Park to extend over an area of circa 5 hectares will be a biodome, a structure regarded as being among the most modern solutions in today’s Zoos and at times even built as an autonomous venue for displaying biodiversity. The Budapest biodome will await visitors with lush vegetation and diverse fauna in a huge, 1.7-hectare hall. The green area covering its exterior will make it resemble a grassy slope, and its interior will be a vast park.

Its top with its extensive translucent panels will make it possible to control the amount of sunshine that the interior receives. The average height of the dome will be 17 metres, although it is designed to diverge from this in different points of the structure, with its highest to be 36 metres, which is not much higher than the 34-metre height of the Zoo’s already existing Big Rock. However, the biodome will be located at the flyover by Hungária Road, i.e. two hundred metres further away than the Big Rock, so it will block a lot of noise and air pollution in the area, thus significantly reducing the environmental impact both here and in the inner part of Városliget.

The biodome will contain a wide range of spaces suitable for the presentation of animals. The animals can be viewed along paths leading around the park, but there will be an opportunity for a more exciting adventure too: the flora and fauna of the biodome can be discovered by rowing boats on a meandering rivulet. A state-of-the-art marine aquarium will also be built as part of the project to show species that will help evoke the fauna of the Pannon Sea, which once occupied a significant area of the Carpathian Basin.

A system of spacious open-air runways will also be added to the building, the ‘inhabitants’ of which – for example the elephants and the chimpanzees – can be observed in the open air.
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