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The Liget Budapest Project is one of the top major urban development projects in the European Union

The comprehensive redevelopment of the Városliget has received an extraordinary level of recognition at the MIPIM property market exhibition and expo, the leading such international professional event, in Cannes. The Liget Budapest Project was named one of the top four projects in the  Best Futura Mega Project category of the biggest and most comprehensive developments, the only one from the European Union (the other three were in Japan, Russia and Brazil) to be so highly ranked.  Known as the "Oscars of the property market profession", the MIPIM Awards competition rewards the most innovative and most outstanding property market projects.

It is a huge triumph for the Liget Budapest Project to be named among the most comprehensive projects in the world and, within the same category, the best such undertaking in the European Union, said the ministerial commissioner László Baán, in whose view the goal of realising a world-class project that is unique even at the international level was the aim starting from the very beginning of the initial renovation preparations.

Over the past six years, several hundred professionals have been working on reaching this objective, and the recognition has now justified their work and the faith they have put into the project.   But they might not be the proudest ones of all, as that distinction could also go to the people for whom the new Városliget is being created. These would include most of all the Liget Project's beneficiaries and winners, who visit – and will visit – the reborn park and its renovated and newly established institutions day after day and who are currently watching the Városliget change and renew before their eyes as it is lifted from the unworthy state that it had sunk into in recent decades. And not least of all, this recognition might also send a message those who refused to believe in the excellence of the project and in its quality, outstanding even by international standards, added Baán, who believes that it was the the complexity building on traditions more than a century old in utilising the space that earned the  undertaking the appreciation of the international jury, along with its uniqueness, the quality of the plans, its sustainability and the financial returns on investment.
At the MIPIM Awards presentation ceremony, the jury composed of international experts assessed the world's most outstanding and forward-looking property development projects grouped into various categories, with more than 214 projects in 46 countries competing this year.

An important factor in the jury’s decision was the fact that the comprehensive renewal of the Városliget will take into consideration the park’s traditions and be implemented in the spirit of its history: it will include the renovation of centuries-old institutions as well as the construction of new museums with the participation of both Hungarian and international star architectural firms, while rehabilitating the park’s natural treasures and significantly increasing its green area and converting the entire area into a zero-emission zone using environmentally conscious solutions.
This year is a milestone in the project's history, since after six years of advance preparations, it is now that the construction work has begun, along with the rehabilitation of the green space, and according to the plans, in three years visitors will be able to use a greener and more attractive urban park that has been renewed in every aspect and offers a broader network of world-class institutions, significantly enhancing Budapest's position on the European cultural map.
Underscoring the popularity of the Cannes professional exhibition is the fact that 2600 exhibitors from 90 countries take part in it annually.  MIPIM draws the most influential players in the property sector, including property developers, industry experts, financiers and economic and political decision-makers.

The fact that a Hungarian development project was ranked among the world's best is a credit not only to Budapest, but also to the several hundred Hungarian professionals collaborating on the enterprise, who have proved that their knowledge and skill is outstanding even in the international arena.

Ajánlott Hírek